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It started with back pain. Not debilitating, but pain nonetheless - it was new. I was 14 years old, just starting my first grind in high school sports. It was confusing and frustrating, I'd never experienced anything like it before.  Finally, I complained loud enough my parents took me to the doctor. I remember vividly how odd I found it that my doctor diagnosed my condition and prescribed medication without looking at or touching my back. "Take two of these three times a day for the next 4 weeks, no sports for 2 weeks. We'll re-evaluate at that time."  Looking back I cringe. Take six (high potency, narcotic) pain killers per day for 28 days. That's 168 pills, AND stop playing sports for 2 weeks.

The frustration turned to anger.

We followed the doctors advice because...well....he was a doctor right?  To his credit, narcotic pain meds + two weeks of rest is a fantastic treatment plan when the goal is to reduce pain. I was totally pain free, but totally spaced out. After explaining to my teammates over and over that the doctor told me I couldn't play - even though I felt no pain, I sat.  For two weeks I sat. It was gut-wrenching.  Finally, after two long weeks, I started practicing again. I was so excited to be back with the guys. Two days later, the pain crept back in. Same pain, same spot. I refused to continue taking the meds or go back to the doctor.

This time we chose a different option. My parents took  to a Chiropractor 40+ miles away in Billings. She took the time to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat my condition. She checked my spine with her hands, found the problem, and treated me the same day. She also explained exactly what the problem was and why I felt the way I did.  It was incredible. I'd never experienced anything like it - I knew it would be a big part of my life.

I now treat my patients exactly how I like to be treated. I'm an athlete, I've been there.

Dr. Carson C. Durr, DC


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