Family Chiropractic

Family Chiropractic Care

If you want to achieve your family’s health care needs, consider family chiropractic care from Bozeman Back and Neck Clinic. We understand that chiropractic care is a core of your family’s health needs. In light of this, we offer chiropractic care suitable for patients of all ages. If you are looking for a family chiropractor in Bozeman, MT, book an appointment with our chiropractic clinic today.

Infant Care

No baby is too young for chiropractic care. Our clinic offers chiropractic care to babies as young as a day old. Babies usually undergo stress during birth which often results in misalignments. Pediatric adjustments remove spinal misalignments, which yield numerous health benefits, including reduced colic, better sleep, improved immunity, and better digestion.

Chiropractic adjustments are much gentler and easier for children because the bones aren’t as complicated and stiff as adults. If you think of it, pediatric adjustments are like massage therapy.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care doesn’t stop at infancy. As children start crawling, walking, and jumping, these activities can cause numerous misalignments that hinder the optimal functionality of their bodies. Chiropractic care for kids strengthens their joints and muscles to prevent injuries. Additionally, chiropractic care helps children reach peak performance in sports. Once your body is free from restrictions and misalignments, you can expect optimal performance in the field of play.

Adult Care

Whether you sit behind a desk all day or your work involves heavy lifting, you are at risk of “restrictions” or subluxations that have a ripple effect on your health. We offer chiropractic adjustments to remove restrictions that impede the optimal performance of your body. Additionally, spinal manipulation helps you overcome conditions like neck, shoulder, and back pain which are common among many adults.

Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Want to overcome pregnancy-related symptoms? Looking for a smooth delivery? Try prenatal chiropractic care. Pregnancy adjustments help reduce lower back pain, nausea, vomiting and other undesirable pregnancy symptoms. And if you are worried about the safety of prenatal chiropractic care, don’t be. We personalize your treatment to deliver a safe and successful outcome for you and your baby. Prenatal adjustments are safe because we use gentle techniques and equipment to accommodate your physical changes.

Senior Chiropractic Care

Senior citizens are at risk of reduced mobility and illnesses if they don’t take care of their health. Chiropractic care can be a great addition to senior citizens. Spinal manipulation aids with mobility and helps you overcome age-related pains and aches.

Family Chiropractic Care in Bozeman, MT

Looking for chiropractic care tailored to meet your family's needs? Look no further than Bozeman Back and Neck Clinic in Bozeman, MT. We offer comprehensive chiropractic treatments to meet the needs of infants, senior citizens, and anyone in between. Please book an appointment today by calling (406) 586-0275.


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  • "The staff at the Bozeman Back and Neck Clinic have been wonderful to work with and are always very attentive and helpful. I have not been to a chiropractor for almost 20 years but have had an excellent experience with BBNC and am pleased with the results I've seen."
    Audy Butler - Bozeman, Montana